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The Corporate Sponsorship Program is designed to embrace the individual business as part of the WINGA team. Our goal is to build communications and rapport between military professionals and the business community. Together we will build a strong partnership among defense contractors and other business who depend upon and support the National Guard activities and training in Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin National Guard Association, Inc. (WINGA) is a nonpartisan organization representing over 1,700 current and former Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard officers. Formed in 1951, the association promotes the relevance, readiness, and modernization of our National Guard, improving the quality of life for our members, and supporting state and national policies to advance the security of the United States.

To contribute its full resources and capabilities to advancing the security of the United States.

To support a military posture which will maintain national interests in the wide variety of situations which may threaten the security of the United States.

To support a national military policy that will promote stability and peace throughout the world.

To inform the American people of the fundamental facts and factors pertaining to national security.

To support the Total Force - actively pursuing training with the Active and Reserve Components, to provide a fuller understanding of each force's capabilities, thereby ensuring success in battle.

To foster public understanding and support of the Armed Forces.

To assist in forming Association members and the public of the development of the Armed Forces, and to keep them abreast of new accomplishments.

To promote and perpetuate those traditions that contribute to esprit de corps and superior performance of duty.

To preserve and foster the spirit of fellowship among former, present, and future members of the organization through which they may unite in bonds of comradeship.

To commemorate the memory for those who gave their lives in the service of their country.

To sustain continued harmonious coordination between our Association and the Wisconsin National Guard Enlisted Association, to the betterment of the entire Wisconsin National Guard.

The Association shall establish such instrumentalities as are necessary to carry out the foregoing aims and objectives.

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