Legislative Initiatives

WINGA speaks with US Representatives in the House and Senate on a routine basis. Our agenda focuses on you - members of the Army and Air National Guard. This legislative section of our website offers you an insight into topics that we are currently pursuing.

NGAUS Legislative Initiatives

For NGAUS legislative initiatives, please visit the NGAUS Legislative Initiatives web page.

NGAUS Resolutions Guide

What is a resolution? A resolution is the first part in suggesting a change or addition to the state or federal law. Each one of you can submit a change to the law through the resolutions process. At the federal level, once a suggested change is accepted and approved by WINGA, Inc., then the request will be presented at the NGAUS annual conference. Before you submit a resolution, please check the NGAUS Website to see if there is a standing resolution already in place. Here is a tutorial on how to review existing resolutions.

WINGA Legislative Initiatives